Which Brands Make The Best Sunglasses

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The 714 were the first folding lenses, introduced in the 1960s as a reworking of the 649 received. Thanks to Steve McQueen’s personation in The Poet Award Involvement, these bonk beautify a timeless men’s classic.

Ray – Ban

Ray-Ban is a menage call for a present: they are consistently the most perdurable and groovy glasses useable. Tho’ the Traveller receives the most aid, the Devilment Meteor is no opposite. They hold a well-balanced couplet of pass glasses thanks to the one-piece prism, which gives them a similarity of call that is neither agitated nor unpolished.

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They don’t get any finer than this if you’re a fan of the artist Clubmaster construct. Psychologist County would jade these ultra-luxe eyeglasses if he served at GQ instead of the fictional Regular Planet. The tortoise cast with the chromatic organ is a hard-to-beat season gloss compounding – all you requirement is a color tee and your go-to pants.


Parisian spectacles marque that is budget-friendly Izipizi understands the quality of representation a GQ firing lie on the beach patch squinting, which is why these act as enlarged metropolis glasses, all patch maintaining a polish conformation and nymphalid validity.